Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Eternal Question

A contestant on the game show "The Biggest Chance of a Lifetime" can answer a lot of questions about Jesus in the final speed round, but when it comes to the most important question, she doesn't have the answer.


Starting Line

Two marathon runners prepare for a big race and talk about what they need to do to cross the finish line.  These same two runners turn and become bride and groom moments before another big marathon begins in their lives.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Captain Stupendous

A superhero with no powers comes to the rescue of a hurt jogger, but can the hero save the jogger in his own...stupendous...way? Instead of leaping over tall buildings, maybe a helping hand is all that is needed.

Monday, January 27, 2014

40 Days: A Daily Devotion for Spiritual Renewal

This daily devotional examines the life-changing encounters people had in the Bible over a period of 40 days.  Each chapter draws lessons of renewal from their experiences that we can learn from today. So get ready to go on an adventure. After 40 days, you'll come back as good as new.

Word Up

A person tries to motive himself to pick up the Word.  Who knew trying to read the Bible could be so difficult.


One Wedding

A wedding ceremony is no place to do couples counseling and discuss the concept of two becoming one. This is a good drama for a marriage sermon or a sermon on unity in the church.


Dear Mom

What do we say to Mom on Mother's Day?  What do we want to say?  What should we say, but maybe don't?  A person struggles to write a letter to mom on Mother's Day, going through draft after draft until he realizes what's the right thing to say.